"Maya Louhichi (born 1985, Paris) is a French-Tunisian visual artist whose artistic work revolves around questions of identity and its connection to our daily gestures, the body, as well as the notion of the continuous search for traces of existence, fragments of the past, blooming in the present. 

The theme of movement and fluidity, either freely danced or completely hindered, is omnipresent in her work. Between 2009 and 2014, she produced several photographic series on the theme of bodily expression in the contemporary urban world. Her photographic view of everyday movements and gestures has led her to develop different ways of capturing fragments of portraits taken on the spot along with personal testimonials. “Petites histoires enfumées” (Little smoky stories), documentary made in 2015, is a collection of work where intimate testimonials within a Tunisian collective memory are at the forefront; the work particularly highlights gestures attached to the cigarette, something deeply inscribed in our society.

The death of Maya Louhichi’s father in 2018, film director Taieb Louhichi, marked a turning point in her artistic research. The relationship to movement, memories and the body remain at the heart of her approach, but other themes arise: mourning, trauma, hindered movement, absence, scarcity, emptiness as well as our personal quest through the past to find and immortalize traces of existence".

Her work is selected for the Bamako Encounters - African Biennale of Photography in Mali in 2022. 

Maya Louhichi is supported by the artist Randa Maroufi for Passerelles 2022 edition, a program by the association Contemporaines.

Bérénice Primot for raconterlenid.fr


2019-2021, Le Masterklass with Klavdij Sluban, Paris - France

2020, VOID Impromptu photobook workshop, online - Greece

2019-2020, Session XX ENDA (The National School of Art) Biennale of Paris, Paris - France

2019, Arles Summer workshop with Antoine d’Agata, Arles - France

2018, Arles Summer workshop with Julien Magre, Arles - France

Group exhibitions 
2022 Et dans la terre, je me souviens, 18th Francophonie Summit in Djerba, Tunisia

2022 Et dans la terre, je me souviens, Bamako Encounters - African Biennale of Photography, Mali

2019 Et puis le vide, Festival de la photographie d’Ormesson sur Marne, France

2019 Taieb, un homme - des rêves, Goree Regards sur cours, Senegal

2017 La pollution des littoraux, travelling exhibition, Espace Yvonne Guegan, France - Quebec

2013 La danse et l’urbanisme, Festival Photo des Femmes d’Alfortville, guest of honour, France

2012 Festival Photo des Femmes d’Alfortville, France

2012 Urban Sports, Diosgyor cultural center, Hungary

Solo exhibitions
2012 L’esthétique de la gestuelle sportive, CIDJ Paris, France

2012 Urban Sports, Miskolc Factory Arena Fesztival, Hungary

Online publications
2022 Le nid - traitement et valorisation du patrimoine culturel immatériel, raconterlenid.fr

“Maya Louhichi : un travail photographique à la croisée de la mémoire intime, du rapport au geste, de l’archive et de la trace”, France

2021 Les filles de la photo - by Jeanne Mercier for “Et dans la terre, je me souviens” (And in the land, I remember), France

2021 Corridor Elephant, France

2021 L'Oeil de la Photographie - The Eye Of Photography, France

2018 www.revuephoto.com, France

2015 Magazine réponses photo "Les analyses critiques de la rédaction ", France

2013 Parizart "Maya Louhichi, Photographe", France

2013 Alfortville le mag "Journee internationale de la femme", France

Award & Nominations
2021 - The Photography Prize of the Fondation des Treilles, shortlisted, France

2017 - RDVI Alter Images, finalist, France

2013 - International Fine Art Photography Award, shortlisted

2012 - Festival Photo des Femmes d’Alfortville, Winner 1st prize, France

Festivals / Screenings - documentary film Petites histoires enfumées – سويڤرات (Little smoky stories)
2017 - Selected at Nuits du court métrage Tunisien, France

2015 - Selected at La 4ème Rencontre Annuelle des Réalisateurs de Films Tunisiens, Tunisia

2015 - Screened at soirées courts métrages TUNIS TOUT COURT, Tunisia

2015 - Screened at Rencontres Cinématographiques de Hergla, Tunisia

2015 - Screened at Rencontres de Caen - CITIM "Regards croisés de jeunes", France

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