Maya Louhichi is a french-tunisian photographer and director.
After an audiovisual course and several cinema experiences, Maya decides to turn to photography and founds the webzine dedicated to urban dance. 
From 2009 to 2014, she covers many events as a photographer and specialist journalist.
During this period, she produced several photographic series on the theme of bodily expression in the contemporary urban universe.
In 2015, Maya directed two documentaries, french-tunisian co-productions, which question the habits and living conditions of Tunisian society.
In 2018, the death of her father, film director Taieb Louhichi, marked a turning point in her artistic research which is now moving towards the representation of mourning, memory and the intimate.

2019-2021, Le Masterklass with Klavdij Sluban
2020, VOID Impromptu photobook workshop
2019-2020, Session XX ENDA (The National School of Art) Biennale of Paris
2019, Arles Summer workshop Antoine d’Agata
2018, Arles Summer workshop Julien Magre

Group exhibitions 
2022 Selected for Bamako Encounters - African Biennale of Photography
2019 Festival de la photographie d’Ormesson sur Marne, "Et puis le vide", France
2019 Goree Regards sur cours, "Taieb, un homme, des rêves ", Senegal
2017 Exposition itinerante, Espace Yvonne Guegan, "la pollution des littoraux", France - Quebec
2013 Festival Photo des Femmes d’Alfortville, invitée d’honneur, "La danse et l’urbanisme", France 
2012 Festival Photo des Femmes d’Alfortville, France
2012 Diosgyor cultural center, "Urban Sport", Hungary

Solo exhibitions
2012 CIDJ Paris, "L’esthetique de la gestuelle sportive", France
2012 Miskolc Factory Arena Fesztival, "Urban Sports", Hungary

Online publications
2021 Corridor Elephant
2021 L'Oeil de la Photographie - The Eye Of Photography
2015 Magazine reponses photo "Les analyses critiques de la redaction "
2013 Parizart "Maya Louhichi, Photographe"
2013 Alfortville le mag "Journee internationale de la femme"

Award & Nominations
2021 – Prix résidence pour la photographie - Fondation des Treilles, shortlisted
2017 – RDVI Alter Images, finalist
2013 – International Fine Art Photography Award, shortlisted
2012 – Festival Photo des Femmes d’Alfortville, Winner 1st prize

Screenings - film "Petites histoires enfumées – سويڤرات" (Little smoky stories)
2017, Selected at Nuits du court métrage Tunisien, France
2015, Selected at La 4eme Rencontre Annuelle des Réalisateurs de Films Tunisiens, Tunisia
2015, Screened at soirees courts métrages TUNIS TOUT COURT, Tunisia
2015, Screened at Rencontres Cinematographiques de Hergla, Tunisia
2015, Screened at Rencontres de Caen - CITIM "Regards croisés de jeunes", France

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