2021, GESTES QUOTIDIENS (Daily gestures)
15 years ago my father became totally paralysed, due to an accident.
The loss of his motor skills, especially for his hands, deeply impacted me and questioned everything that would normally be taken for granted.
Basic gestures became inaccessible for him without assistance.
As to conjure my obsession of his loss, I asked my mother to carry out these daily gestures.
Photographic film, black and white, 2min31
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2015, "PETITES HISTOIRES ENFUMEES – سويڤرات" (Little smoky stories)
Why do you smoke? She smokes to escape, to forget.
He smokes like he breathes, because he has no other ally to face reality.
Through their stories, men and women from various backgrounds confide their need to smoke,
and offer us testimonies and reflections on our society.
Documentary, Color, 27'
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Gaddour, a Tunisian house painter, is looking for a solution and a future for himself, his children and his country.
Documentary, Color, 3'
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